As seen on Channel 4's Know Your S**t!
As seen on Channel 4's Know Your S**t!

Helping you
take control of
your gut health

For too long patients have been living with unresolved gut health problems and losing control of their lives. We have a comprehensive range of tests that can give an overview of your gut health and lead to a gut health diagnosis. The clarity that you need at the highest standards.

How we can help you

We have launched our NEW Breath Test to measure intestinal Hydrogen Sulphide

This new test will fill the gap left by current breath testing, and can provide an extra option for patients with unexplained gut symptoms.

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Tummy mot

The team at Functional Gut are branching out. Tummy MOT has been created to bring you the latest gut health information and unbiased reviews of products in the space. Completely free to use, Tummy MOT is here to help you on your journey with the Functional Gut experts.

Together, improving the world’s health… one tummy at a time.

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The gold standard
pathway to resolution

We get your gut health diagnosis by combining the very latest diagnostic technology with a team of dedicated specialists to offer a trusted, proven and reliable service that swiftly identifies the problem with your gut health; then connects patients with precisely the right treatment to alleviate symptoms or put things right.

Because we think it’s time that people showed their gut who’s in charge.

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The UKAS Medical accreditation is for our Functional Gut London Clinic only

Diagnostic tests

Problems with your stomach and intestines can range from the niggling to having a severe effect on your life, which is why we’re here to help.

High quality results,
delivered efficiently

No waiting lists, no waiting times and therefore no frustration or anxiety. We work in a highly efficient way to ensure we deliver both the clarity and quality of care you need in a highly efficient manner.

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Discover how to get on top of your gut health with our new cutting-edge self-assessment tool. This is your gateway to getting a digestive diagnosis from our trusted team of experts. Simply answer a few questions and you’ll get a personalised package of tests in less than 2 minutes.